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President - Dr. Richard Selormey


Our year group is a truly special one among the many to have walked through the gates of Ketasco. Aside being the only Millennium group we also boast of several highly talented young people excelling in our chosen careers and businesses across the country and in the world at large.
As a group, the current administration has contributed their quota in keeping the year group alive barring various challenges. Having been an active and committed member of this very special group and taking stock of the various challenges and achievements I am of the firm belief that our group can surmount the challenges and advance the course of our year group even further.
To this end, having gained experience in various leadership positions, I believe I am ready to lead our group to build on our current achievements.

My vision is to ensure a more vibrant and relevant year group both to us members, our beloved Ketasco and its environs and the nation at large - a group that is attractive with members fully engaged and actively participating. To achieve these, I will, together with you my able colleagues, seek to do the following within the 2 year tenure:

Reinvigorating the group

A comprehensive class by class database will be built to give information on our members. This will help us know where our colleagues are what they are doing currently and more importantly provide a basis for communicating and planning.
I will also vigorously work with my team to improve communication with other stakeholders to ensure the dissemination of timely information.

Ensuring transparency in our leadership

I will ensure that when given the mandate my team members and I will regularly and promptly engage members to update members via online sessions as well as our regular meetings.
I will also work with the financial secretary to ensure that accounts are rendered promptly and regularly and sent to members for their perusal

Improving engagements with our Alma mater

I will ensure regular engagement with the school administration, staff and students via various programmes using members of our group with requisite knowledge and skill will be used to facilitate these, such as mentor-ship and career guidance clinics for students, Seminars and training workshops for the staff among others.

Taking care of ourselves

While seeking to extend a helping hand to our dear alma mater It is my firm belief that the welfare of individual members of this group must also be tackled in tandem. As our drum call for dining used to say “ha dome sena afi ha kua atsioke ” . To this end, when given the mandate, I will pursue the following;

  • Institution of regular workshops and seminars for members eg entrepreneurship training, investments, business plan masterclass etc.
  • Establishing a database of scholarship opportunities
  • Establishing a cooperative/ venture capital fund and a business consortium to support viable business proposals from members as well us pursue income generation activities for our group.

I believe the above are realistic and achievable goals and with the help of the leadership team and support of you all, we shall achieve these and more. As a group, the previous administration had contributed their quota in keeping the year group alive barring various challenges. Taking stock of the various challenges and achievements of our dear group however, I am of the firm belief that our group can surmount the challenges and advance the course of our year group even further.

Personal Biography

Tony is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) and Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) on the Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 Platforms. He holds an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), and a BSc in Information and Communications Technology from the School of Technology, GIMPA. He is an Enterprise Systems and Network Architect and a solutions developer on the Java and C# languages. Tony extends his tutelage expertise as an Adjunct Lecturer to the Center for IT Professional development (CIPD) at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).