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The Ketasco 2000 year group

The Ketasco Year Group is made up of individuals who graduated from Keta Senior High School in the year 2000, our group is a vibrant group of accomplished professionals in varied sectors both in Ghana and in the diaspora
The group seeks to foster unity and networking ourselves to help develop capacity among ourselves,the development of our alma mater, Keta Senior High School, the larger surrounding community and the country as a whole


Essentially our group seeks to foster unity and networking ourselves to help develop capacity among ourselves,the development of our alma mater, Keta Senior High School, the larger surrounding community and the country as a whole. We all work together to be relevant to ourselves and our society.
We all strive to help each other get better with excellence as our hallmark in all our endeavours.


President Dr. Richard Selormey
Vice President Tony Klah
General Secretary Elikplim Senaya
Financial Secretary Etornam Amedeka
Organizer Bright Fiawotso
Welfare Officer Selorm Noagbedzi
Publicity Officer Prosper Tetteh


Our meetings and events are always fun and engaging and you definitely do not want to miss out on any. All our meetings are duly announced and advertised on all our forums .
We have 2 general meetings in a year which is mandated by our constitution. These meetings are where the general business of our group is discussed and decisions are made . It is important that all members attend these meetings.
Equally important are our social meetings eg BNS ,Health walks, Seminars ,Trainings are organised as often as time and resources allow and members agree to.
For ease or convenience of attendance , sometimes General meetings are combined with social events when necessary.
Some special events eg. Home coming , awards ceremonies, dinners are also organised from time to time and we also join in events by the National old students association and the school from time to time.
We also do our best to always send a delegation to represent us at member's special events eg. Weddings , Outdooring, birthdays as well as solemn events like funerals. It is important however that members inform us early about such events to enable us prepare and enable members attend in their numbers.


To enable us all interact, network and engage to achieve our aims as a group, we have created various social platforms as below.
1. What's app
We have 2 what's app platforms ;
KETASCO 2000 NOTICEBOARD: for important information or notices from executives or members and is usually silent except for occasional comments when notices are posted or when important issues are to be discussed on the page . This is so designed so that there is minimal chats on the page so that members d not miss important announcements,documents ,adverts or important issues for discussion that are posted there.
DZOLALI 2000 PLAYGROUND: for unrestricted conversation.This is where all the networking, marketing, chats, jokes and all the fun happens and you don't want to miss it.
It is best to belong to both platforms so as not to miss out on the benefits of both.
2. Facebook
Our page on Facebook is Dzolali 2000. where you can follow some of the things we have been doing as a group and important information. It is a closed group so that only verified members can be added to the page just to protect our privacy.
So kindly look for it on Facebook and request to join. You will be added promptly once verified. Kindly visit the page and check out what you may have missed as well as news about our group and our our beloved ketasco ,upcoming events and activities.
Members are encouraged to belong to all our platforms to take advantage of all the benefits our group offers.
On all our platforms we advise members to be circumspect in our interactions and respect the views and sensibilities of other members. Let's be welcoming to all and make every member feel comfortable.


These are days set aside for members yo cal and check up on each other so we dont lose touch with each other.
The first and third Sundays in every month are CALL-A-MEMBER days !
On these days each member is encouraged to call as many members as possible,(at least 5 would be awesome)
Members are encouraged to call different members each month to increase the interaction among us.
Reminders are given before each of these days so let's all make sure we participate in this all important exercises.
Let's not wait to be called ; let's also call others too.


We have a lovely website where you can follow some of the things we have been doing as a group and information about your executives and their aspirations for our group.
Kindly visit the site and check out what you may have missed as well as news about our group and our our beloved ketasco ,upcoming events and activities.
You will also find important documents as well as our contact and account information there.
The website is always being modified to suit the needs of members and to keep with current trends. Therefore are slots for advertisement by members and others as well as well as a database for scholarships , job advertsements etc which are updated when new information is made available.
There is a member login interphase which launches signed up members into restricted content eg. Dues record , reports etc . For new members or firstly visitors , there is a simple sign up form yo be filled to be given access and this also serves as a means of updating our database.


Phone Number +233 55 555 2121
Address P. O. Box GP1431, Accra.
Email address

Please feel free to send any great ideas you may have, suggestions, ideas,complaints and critiques as well through these channels especially our email address. This is to enable your executives keep a permanent record of your contributions towards making our group better and better.
You can also call the executives directly when necessary.


Our various accounts details for paying our dues ,making donations or redeeming pledges are below . We have bank and mobile money accounts to help make it convenient for you in fulfilling your obligations


Account Number : 0053114431374801
Account Name : KETASCO 2000 YEAR GROUP


MTN Mobile Money 0243987351


To enable us do our work, organise our various activities to help ourselves and also have some fund together eg.,Bring-And-Share(BNS),health walks ,Trainings, Seminars as well as carry out projects in our alma mater, it is important to have a sound financial footing. Our dues and kind donations are the bedrock on which we can achieve all this and more
Our dues for every year are as follows
Association Dues GHC 50.00 (Fifty Ghana Cedis )
Welfare Dues GHC 60.00 (Sixty Ghana Cedis )

The dues can be paid in full or instalments over the course of the year although full payments are preferred.
We are constantly seeking to contribute meaningfully to projects being embarked upon by the school, to provide support and assistance to members of the year group who may be having some challenges . We also seek to embrace a sense of responsibility as good citizens by contributing our quota towards the growth of the nation.
The dues alone cannot fund all the great dreams we have for ourselves and so we cherish your kind hearted donations both in cash and in kind. These donations can be made as and when we call on you to help with specific events or projects or when you are touched to give anytime during the year.
All dues and donations can be paid into our accounts above or in cash if necessary during meetings . All dues and donations will be duly acknowledged and receipted.
We encourage you to pay your dues promptly and donate generously when you can.


These documents are available on our website and social platforms and can also be sent to members upon request when necessary.
1. Our Constitution
2. Our Welfare document
3. Annual reports
4. Budget
Members are encouraged to read these documents and seek clarifications as well as make inputs into making them better.